Founder and Managing Partner

David Orban

An investor, entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker and thought leader of the global technology landscape.

David’s past entrepreneurial accomplishments span several companies founded and grown over more than twenty years. He is an advisor to Dotsub, which he led as CEO through a period of rapid growth from 2011 to 2015. Dotsub, based in New York City, is the leading technology and services provider for captioning and translating video in any language to increase access, engagement and global reach. He is also a founder of Dotwords, an international language service provider based in Milan that supports businesses and organizations operating in competitive multilingual markets.

David is the founder of Network Society Research, a London-based global think tank. It is creating a vision and analytical tools to allow individuals, enterprises and the society at large to deal positively with the unstoppable transformation to a world based on decentralized exponential technologies disrupting the centralized and hierarchical functions of governments and corporations.

He is a faculty member and advisor at Singularity University, an interdisciplinary university whose mission is to assemble, educate and inspire leaders who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially advancing technologies in order to address humanity’s grand challenges. David is a mentor at the Thiel Fellowship, which brings together some of the world’s most creative and motivated young people, helping them bring their most ambitious ideas and projects to life. He is also an Adjunct Professor at LUISS Business School in Rome, one of Italy’s leading institutions preparing the management and innovation leadership of the future.

David is an author of two books, Something New about the role of artificial intelligence in society and Network Society on the phase transformation towards exponential technologies and decentralization. He is a keynote speaker at conferences and corporate events, where he stimulates important shifts in the mindset of attendees with his provocative and meaningful message.

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General Partner

Mark Hatch

Mark is an investor, entrepreneur, speaker and consultant on innovation.

Mark is the former CEO and co-founder of TechShop. His book best-selling book, The Maker Movement Manifesto, was published by McGraw-Hill in September of 2013 and has become the leading resource for organizations and individuals who want to understand and engage the movement. He conducts research on innovation and education at UC Berkeley where he is an entrepreneur in residence, is adjunct faculty for Singularity University and is on the industry board of advisors at the Claremont Graduate university. He is a former Green Beret and has held executive positions focused on innovation, disruptive technology and entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship in various industry sectors including packaged goods, manufacturing, retail and healthcare.

He has spoken around world, including at the White House, the Clinton Global Initiative, the Council on Foreign Relations, Singularity U, TEDx and many other venues, as well as for corporate groups such as GE, Ford, P&G, ExxonMobil, Kraft, and other US and Global Fortune 500 firms. He has lectured at universities including UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt and Harvard.

The San Francisco Business Times presented Mark a “Bay Area’s Most Admired CEO Award.” Fast Company recognized him in their “Who’s Next” column. He was also recognized as one of “25 Leaders in the New Industrial Revolution” by Popular Mechanics.

He holds an M.B.A. from the Drucker Center at the Claremont Graduate University, a B.A. in Economics from the University of California at Irvine.


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Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Alcon

Thirty years of experience in the venture capital industry, twenty of that as the Chief Financial Officer at Crosspoint Venture Partners, one of Silicon Valley’s oldest and most successful early stage venture capital firms.

At Crosspoint, he was involved in closing over $1.5 billion in capital from large institutions and strategic investors for eleven venture funds. Before Crosspoint, Andrew was a senior auditor with Peat Marwick & Mitchell and a Senior Financial Analyst at Raychem Corporation. He is a Certified Public Accountant and graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business, with an emphasis in Finance and Accounting.


Philippe van den Bossche

An investor and entrepreneur, whose mission is to monetize impact by helping re-direct capital toward positive global change.

Philippe is the CEO of Rein Morgen Holdings, Executive Chairman/Owner of Advancing Eco Agriculture, and Founder of Crop Health Laboratories – all innovative regenerative agricultural technology companies. Philippe is an active investor in companies that focus on agriculture and real estate investments. He is also the Creator/Founder of EverlyWell, a health diagnostics company.

Philippe has dedicated his career to helping solve the issues related to global health and food security. Through his extensive travels and work, he has cultivated an understanding of political, social, environmental and financial issues that affect global development.

For over two decades, Philippe has worked with for-profit and nonprofit international development organizations that are aligned with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. His involvement has put him in direct contact with senior government and private sector leaders throughout Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. Philippe has worked with prominent leaders and experts including Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Dr. Paul Farmer and with major celebrities.

Philippe sits on boards of organizations in Africa, the U.S. and Europe, and is an active advisor to their leadership.

A native New Yorker, he lives with his wife and daughter in Manhattan.

Venture Partners

Malcolm Elvey

A seasoned entrepreneur with a strong global track record, Malcolm Elvey has a rational, results-driven approach to building the fundamentals for success: business strategy, financing and company structure. His pragmatism is the result of decades of entrepreneurial and academic experience in several countries.

As senior executive of companies in the U.S. and abroad, Malcolm has demonstrated his vision in leveraging technology to gain a competitive advantage. He has used computers and technology to drive the success of numerous pioneering business concepts, including warehouse clubs, off-price retailing, industry consolidations and smartphone apps. His strengths are in astute analysis and the evaluation of concepts, coupled with the ability to introduce and mentor exceptional management. In his consultancy, he taps a wide network of powerful domestic and international contacts.

Maurizio Liverani

Maurizio is the Chairman of 30SecondsToFly an artificial intelligence based travel agency for small and medium sized companies, located in San Carlos (CA).  He is also the Chairman and Partner of Baryon Capital Corporation, an advisory and angel investing firm assisting companies primarily in the biotech and infotech sectors. Maurizio has published several books including “Myocardial Perfusion in Man at Rest and During Exercise with Thallium” and “Evaluation of the ECG Analysis Program by a Pool of Users.”

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Advisors

Scott Mize

Owner, ASM Services
Entrepreneur, Venture Development Executive, Speaker
Infotech/Internet, Nanotech, Cleantech

Scott served as a principal in a venture catalyst firm, providing business development, capital advisory and strategy services to early-stage wireless, Internet, information technology, and new media companies. He has raised equity capital, established revenue-generating alliances with leading corporations, completed numerous licensing agreements, and closed substantial sales of product in the computer and interactive media industries. He also co-developed an innovative financing vehicle for interactive media products involving completion bonding.

He provided management services to Technanogy, a nanomaterials incubator which merged with Nanotechnologies, Inc. (now NovaCentrix). He also served as an advisor to Accelrys (now BIOVIA, a division of Dassault Systèmes), the leading nanotechnology software company, Clean Edge, a clean technology market research firm, Natural Logic, an environmental performance consulting firm, and The Enterprise Network of Silicon Valley. Scott conceptualized and served as Chairman of the Advisory Board and a member of the organizing team for The Gigabit Challenge, the first business plan competition for applications designed for Google Fiber.

Scott was President of Foresight Nanotech Institute, the leading nanotechnology think tank. Scott co-founded AngstroVision, Inc., a nanotechnology tools company focused on creating a breakthrough imaging and metrology instrument, and raised its seed round of capital. Scott was the originator and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Nanotechnology Opportunity Report™, the first comprehensive global report on the near-term commercial opportunities in nanotechnology, published by Cientifica.

He co-founded and served as CEO of Zelos!, an early publisher of personal learning products on CD-ROM, which was acquired by Charter Communications (NASDAQ: CHTR). Scott served as Apple Computer’s Multimedia Content Evangelist (NASDAQ: AAPL), where he managed Apple’s relationships with the first wave of third-party developers of CD-ROM products. He was a Product Manager in the Information Services Group at Lotus Development Corporation (acquired by IBM, NYSE: IBM), where he developed information products used in market research. Scott also served as director of software development for a hand-held computer manufacturer and co-founded a microcomputer software company. Originally trained as a software engineer, he has developed several products, including applications, an operating system and information products.

He is a founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization (now Entrepreneurs’ Organization) and the San Francisco Multimedia Development Group. Scott attended Harvard College and co-founded the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs. He served on the board of the founding conference for the International Space University. Scott has been a judge for New Media Magazine INVISION awards, the Global Information Infrastructure Awards and Startup Weekend. He has spoken at over fifty industry conferences in the information technology, new media and nanotechnology fields, as well as served as Event Chair for the SDForum Nanotechnology Series, the National Science and Technology Institute Business Sessions and the Nanotech Tools session of the MIT•Stanford•Berkeley Nanotechnology Forum. He has also been a guest lecturer at Stanford University, University of San Francisco and San Francisco State University.


Richard Brenner

Senior Advisor, The Brenner Group Investor, Entrepreneur, Board Member, Philanthropist Infotech, Biotech

A Silicon Valley veteran, he founded The Brenner Group ( in 1987 and served as its CEO until 2015 when it was acquired by Armanino. TBG has assisted more than 2,000 technology firms since its inception. Rich has been an active angel investor since 1991 in technology, venture capital and financial services companies, including Bridge Bank, where he served as a member of the Board of Directors.

Davide “Folletto” Casali

Product Experience Director, Automattic (Maker of
User Experience Designer, Startup Advisor
Design, Infotech, Consumer Products

A user experience director and startup advisor, he is a polymath with a hybrid background in design, psychology and technology. David’s objective is to change for better the quality of life of the people through the products he designs and lead. He believes that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, as Leonardo DaVinci reportedly said. His approach is to reach a focused simplicity through the existing complexity.

Dr. Glenn Denning

Professor and Program Director, Columbia University
Scientist, Educator, Policy Advisor, Practitioner

Professor of Practice at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs. Glenn founded and directs a Master’s program in sustainable development practice, and teaches a course in global food systems. Prior to joining Columbia, he worked for the International Rice Research Institute, World Agroforestry Centre and Columbia University’s Earth Institute. He is Senior Policy Advisor with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, which was established by the UN Secretary General to support countries in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Andrew Hessel

Distinguished Research Scientist, Autodesk
Biologist, Speaker, Author
Biotech, Bioinformatics, DNA Engineering

A catalyst in biological technologies, helping industry, academics, and authorities better understand the changes happening in life science. He is a fellow at the University of Ottawa’s Institute for Science, Society, and Policy and the former co-chair of bioinformatics and biotechnology at Singularity University.

Jason Hsu

Legislator at Large, Legislature of Taiwan
Legislator, Entrepreneur, Change Agent
Infotech, Innovation, Government

Technology entrepreneur-turned-legislator. He co-founded TEDxTaipei in 2009 and serves as senior ambassador for TEDx program in Asia. Jason also co-founded The Big Question Inc., an innovation consultancy. He served as a consultant to the Premier of Taiwan, advisor to the Mayor of Taipei and is part of the PAN-Asia Network. Jason was nominated as non-constituency legislator for Republic of China (Taiwan) in 2016. In this role he focuses on elevating nation’s competitiveness by removing legal barriers. He promotes innovation, technology and startup ecosystem. In his first term, he has initiated 18 legislative bills on fintech, digital government, angel investment and the digital economy.

Alex Lightman

Chairman, Everblaze
Innovator, Policy Advocate, Author
Infotech/Internet, Wearables, Government

An author, entrepreneur and futurist, he was a prominent advocate of the adoption of IPv6, served as CTO of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization and has authored several books on technology and society.

Dr. Pierre-Philippe Matthieu

Earth Observation Data Scientist, European Space Agency
Data Scientist, Project Manager, Earth System Modeller
Open Science & Innovation, Big Data Analytics, Climate Science, Space Technology

Data scientist with 20+ years of working in the fields of environmental and ocean modeling, weather risk management and remote sensing. Degrees include Mechanical Engineering and Master of Science from University of Liege (Belgium), Ph.D. in Oceanography from the University of Louvain (Belgium) and Management Certificate from the University of Reading Business School (UK).

Ramez Naam

Co-Chair for Energy and Environment, Singularity University, Award-winning Author, Speaker Futurist, Investor
Cleantech, Infotech

A computer scientist, clean energy guru and award-winning author of five books including The Infinite Resource, Nexus, Crux, and More Than Human.  He speaks around the world on innovation, exponential technology, and disruptive energy technologies, including the exponential trends in wind power, energy storage, and electric vehicles. Angel investor in numerous energy startups and leader of the first AngelList syndicate devoted to clean technology.

Stefano Quintarelli

Member, Italian Parliament
Legislator, Entrepreneur, Professor
Infotech, Government, Education

A Member of the Italian Parliament, Chairman of the steering committee of AGID (italian digital agency)  and one of the leading IT experts in Italy. Founder of I.NET, the first italian business ISP that was listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and sold to British Telecom in 2000. He has been a Chief Digital Officer of the leading Italian financial media group.

Niki Siropoulou

Managing Partner, Alternative iGrow
Marketer/Brander, Community Leader
Technology, Consumer Products

A marketing strategist and a community leader on innovation and entrepreneurship. 20 years of strategy, branding, product and business development experience in the US and Europe, working with Companies such as P&G, Estee Lauder, Philips, Carlsberg Group and a variety of startups. Curator of the highly acclaimed TEDx Academy.


Legal Counsel

Accounting and Audit