Drivers of Massively Transformative Change

Below you will find NSV’s portfolio holdings, which are searchable by name and NSV category.


  • Security

Authentise helps companies to get their designs ready to be 3D printed. Our technology optimize designs and securely stream them directly to printers, monitoring production and ensuring its quality. Streaming is the cornerstone to unlocking the full potential for 3D printing. Pushing services into the cloud provides greater speed, interoperability, security, SaaS businesses models, and access to data usually locked up in machines. The result is an enhanced user experience, improved print quality, and integration into mainstream business ecosystems. Authentise believes distributed manufacturing techniques can provide fully automated production of objects closer to the point of use.


Be-novative creates a synergy of ideas within multinational corporations and between self-organizing communities using behavioral science, gamification and social mechanics where the collective intelligence can be harnessed in order to motivate each other, be transparent on the goals and continuously track individual and collective progress. With be-novative cloud-based software and mobile app in self-organizing, collaborative and diverse brainstorming teams, people share ideas, compete with each other developing products or methods in a playful way. Be-novative won the Global Impact Competiton of Singularity University in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe in 2012 and thus, the CEO-cofounder Priszcilla Varnagy participated in GSP12.

BlueOak Resources*

  • Energy

BlueOak Resources, a venture from SU’s 2010 Graduate Studies Program, recently won Harvard Business School’s second annual Alumni New Venture Contest. Their team is focused on building a pilot to demonstrate the extraction of valuable metals from discarded electronics. Using existing scaled-up mining industry technologies, they hope to capture value from the 40 million tons of “e-waste” that is landfilled or incinerated annually around the world, containing 70 billion dollars worth of precious and base metals. BlueOak Resources addresses the fundamental issue of mining instead of recycling “accelerating waste” in a world of exponential technologies and exponential obsolescence.


  • Food

We are improving processed food to make it nutritious, delicious and affordable. We are leveraging fruit waste as a source for nutrients and creating ingredients that save on production costs for manufacturers while also improving the nutritional value of their products.

Escape Dynamics*

  • Manufacturing

Escape Dynamics is focused on the development of extremely efficient and sustainable space launch and aerospace transportation systems. We are building the first electromagnetically powered commercial space launch and aircraft systems and are developing technologies that will allow the transition of space launch and in-air flight from fossil-fuels to sustainable energy. The R&D of Escape Dynamics also includes work in the areas of advanced materials, high power microwave systems, and wireless energy transfer.

Fellow Robots*

  • Manufacturing

Robotics today is a fast growing industry with applications in myriad markets, including retail, transportation, manufacturing, and even as personal assistants. Fellow Robots is at the forefront of reimagining these uses for the best retail experience – to improve your experience when shopping and to help employees with the most up to date information on inventory and location of goods and services.


  • Health

The company started two years ago when founders Will Henshall and John Vitale became interested in why people like to listen to music when they read. They found that listening to music while reading is not generally done for entertainment purposes, but is often used as a tool to help mask distraction and assist focus. Further research showed two out of three of people like to listen to music while they work, study or read but it’s difficult to find and manage music that consistently works well for this purpose. So we created a new unique neuroscience based web service that helps increase your focus by “zoning out” distractions.


  • Health

We build biosensors to detect chemicals in our environment.

Genome Compiler*

  • Health

Genome Compiler is a leader in the Synthetic Biology computer assisted design (CAD) space. Genome Complier delivers an innovative platform-as-a-service for researchers in Academia and Industry. Genome Compiler’s platform merges a best-in-kind CAD tool and a marketplace for both bits (Bio-informatics services, genetic repositories access) and atoms (DNA synthesis, biofab services). Our vision is to democratize the tools of creation, unleashing innovation in biotechnology that will enable a more sustainable future.


  • Health

We are a space company leveraging advances in remote sensing technology to provide a whole new level of Earth observation.

* Ventures marked with an asterisk “*” are part of NSV’s interest in the Singularity University Labs Accelerator Seed Fund.