“All around us, technology is democratizing the power to change the world.” Peter Diamandis XPRIZE, Singularity University, Planetary Resources, Author

“Networks are replacing traditional bureacuratic hierarchies.” Fred Wilson Union Square Ventures, Flatiron Partners

“The main reason I believe that AI will be beneficial is that it will be decentralized and widely distributed as it is today.” Ray Kurzweil Forbes #8 US Entrepreneur, Singularity University, Google, Author

“Increasingly I find myself thinking how you create systems that ward off destructive elements in a distributed way, and that requires more imagination…” Barack Obama President of the USA

A set of massively transformative technologies are simultaneously growing exponentially, with the common feature of being organized in a decentralized network. This contrasts with the centralized and hierarchical organization of today’s traditional corporations, society and their basic functions. These exponential technologies often give rise to businesses that can grow exponentially, presenting the possibility for extremely large financial upside.

Mark Hatch on Joining NSV

My current mission is to attract capital, cognitive and financial, to the Maker Movement into the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem that I have seen just evolve over the last 5 years or so.

And I’m really exited about Network Society Ventures on a bunch of different levels. One is…we are focused on Exponential Technologies.

The Power of Exponentials and Decentralized Networks

This shift from the old to the new paradigm is creating unprecedented investment opportunities. NSV invests in best-of-breed technology-based startup companies that are catalyzing this massive transformation of our social and economic systems. These teams are harvesting the economic value made possible by these unstoppable technology trends. The eight focus sectors of NSV’s investment strategy are energy, manufacturing, food, health, learning, finance, security and policymaking. Most potential Investors find it difficult to access and evaluate these fast-paced, cutting-edge ventures. NSV offers a way to plug into the core of this transformation and the upside opportunity it provides.


Mark Hatch on the Revolution in Hardware Manufacturing

5 years ago this was impossible. We are now working on an inside of a eco-system that has solved most of the pinpoints for helping somebody go (as Flextronics likes to call it) from sketch to scale.

We never lived in an area where you could tap into one of the largest corporation in this space. And we are helping them go from a sketch idea all the way…not just to scale as far as making, but actually into the market, into reverse logistics, into solving problems that your costumers are having.


NSV seeks to deliver superior risk-mitigated upside while catalyzing widespread positive impact for individuals, organizations and society at large. It plans to achieve this objective by leveraging:

  • A deep understanding of the coming waves of these powerful technologies,
  • A unique vision and framework for identifying and vetting winning opportunities,
  • Access to global deal flow that arises from its vast networks of connections,
  • State-of-the art tools and techniques for sourcing and managing investments and driving liquidity events.