Welcome Alex as our new General Partner!

We are pleased to announce that Alessandro A. E. Anzani, a global investor and serial entrepreneur, has joined Network Society Ventures as a General Partner.

Alex and David“We are excited that Alex is joining our team. With his background as a three-time fund manager Alex adds critical investment expertise to our team. His experience in launching and scaling technology startups across the world adds tremendous value to our operational capability” said David Orban, Founder and Managing Partner of Network Society Ventures.

Alessandro founded his first venture at the age of eighteen and scaled it to a market leader before selling it. He launched seven more companies (five of them in the United States) and sold three. He spent four years as an investment manager in private equity, managing over $2B in transactions. He owns an angel investment fund, Smartup Capital, a quality certification firm, and a corporate development consulting firm. He is experienced in fundraising, due diligence, valuations, negotiations, financing, international acquisitions, portfolio management and operational problem solving.

Alessandro received a Master of Business Administration degree from Cornell University. Before that he earned master’s degrees in Real Estate Finance and Economics from Bocconi University (Italy), where he holds the position of VP of Entrepreneurship for the New York Board. He volunteers at Cornell, Syracuse, SUNY and CUNY universities mentoring students; managing incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces; and lecturing on entrepreneurship, technology transfer and venture capital. He collaborates with most New York State universities.

Before coming to New York on an investor visa, Alessandro worked in Brazil, France, Romania, Holland, UK, Finland and Italy where he developed a vast network in venture capital, private equity and capital markets.

“I am honored to contribute to the success of Network Society Ventures. The team is stellar and my talent perfectly complements that of my partners. Last year I was offered a partnership in two other funds and I picked NSV. This is because I believe that NSV has a superior investment strategy that will generate greater and safer returns. NSV’s knowledge and its focus on investing in a large number early seed stage ventures across the world that leverage exponential technologies and decentralized networks is extremely compelling. This puts NSV in the perfect position to reap value from the current economic, social and industrial shift toward The Network Society” said Alessandro A. E. Anzani.

Network Society Ventures is a seed stage global venture investment fund. Our unique strategy is designed to maximize returns while minimizing risk as we re-invent venture investing. We invest in disruptive technology-based companies that are leading the transformation from the post-industrial age to the Network Society. A set of powerful technologies is growing exponentially, with the common feature of being organized in decentralized networks. These technologies give rise to startups that can grow exponentially, presenting the possibility for extremely large financial upside. These startup teams are creating the economic value made possible by these unstoppable technology trends. They are driving the transformation of NSV’s eight focus sectors for investment: energy, manufacturing, food, health, learning, finance, security and policymaking. We call this “Harvesting The Upside Of Massively Transformative Change.”™

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