The future of Venture Capital and the Blockchain

Blockchain Workshop NYC

The Blockchain is a fundamental invention that is changing not only how we define money, through Bitcoin, but also how we think about contracts. It promises to transform consequently not only the world of banking and commerce on the Internet, but also investment and the world of venture capital.

David Orban, Managing Partner of Network Society Ventures, will be speaking at the NYC Blockchain conference on Tuesday April 5, 2016 about how the venture capital industry needs to adapt and the exciting new opportunities that will come with it. He is speaking on the investor panel moderated by Primavera De Filippi of Coala Global. Other speakers include David S. Rose, Union Square Ventures, and Tusk Holdings. Below is a summary of the panel.

“Investment & Venture Capital: Incremental Innovation Versus Real Game-Changers”

What are the institutional needs that must be met from innovators and startups to enable the necessary partnerships for nascent technologies? Many of the challenges are clear, and the opportunities, while potentially great, are opaque. How do institutions navigate these waters? How do institutions approach entry into disruptive markets and partnerships with potentially game-changing disruptors? What are strategies that startups and disruptors can adopt to enable investment and adoption by larger players? You are encouraged to attend!