Announcing Network Society Ventures


The tectonic shifts that exponential technologies and decentralized networks are provoking in the economy are giving rise to a huge economic opportunity. Teams of passionate startup founders around the the world are feverishly working to create products and services that are driving this accelerating wave of change.

In order to catalyze and harvest the enormous financial upside of this massive transformation, I have decided to found Network Society Ventures, a seed stage venture firm.

These exponential technologies include artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, synthetic biology, digital manufacturing, cryptocurrencies and many more. They are disrupting industries through the power of their rapid growth and distributed structure. They represent a new way of organizing and delivering the added value of a vast array of products and services. Decentralized networks promise to be superior to traditional centralized and hierarchical organizations by empowering and emancipating billions of people, sustainably generating trillions of dollars of new wealth.


The solutions to our great global challenges will not come from old-style top-down control and centralized thinking. They will come from grass-roots exponential innovation. Hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in tens of thousands of startups are working daily to transform breakthrough ideas into compelling offerings. It is their creativity, passion, and ingenuity that will create the worldwide economic and societal revolution that is needed for us all to prosper.


Network Society Ventures will play its part by seeding the most promising startups based on exponential technologies and decentralized networks. We will focus on investing in the sectors of energy, manufacturing, food, health, learning, finance, security and policymaking.

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